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Sakura Blog & Skin Care Tips

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Skincare, Cosmetics Shelf Life / Expiration Dating

Most of the countries in the world have the same regulation that skincare and cosmetics will be expired 3 years from manufacturing date. However, to be safe, products will be expired after being opened certain period of time depending on what type of product, how it is used, and how it is stored, the length of time varies.

Published on 05/17/18 Read Article
Sun Cream Protection for this summer

Summer is the fun time. Of course, you want to go out in the sun to keep the best memories in your life but you are afraid of the sun whatever you are creamed up with a lot of sun protection and you are still afraid of the sunburns. And you are still remembering sunburns past.

Published on 05/03/18 Read Article
How to Eliminate Dark Spots for Flawless Skin

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by many preventative and unknown reasons. Follow the routine below and you’ll lighten the appearance of dark spots as soon as six weeks. Everyone’s skin is different so when you’ll achieve your desired result depend on each individual. Sakura Beauty Solution products are non-bleaching and is specially formulated to lighten the appearance of blemishes with natural, harmless ingredients. Utilizing safer ingredients will take longer for the product to blur away dark spots than bleaching but less harsh on the skin.

Published on 05/30/17 Read Article
5 Wrinkles and Aging Skin Prevention Tips

We all want to stay young forever and today’s trend is to stay all natural and using natural remedies. I am a firm believer in natural healings and what not. Being a girl, looking fine all the time is a must so I never fail to find natural remedies for my skin care. Instead of going under the knife or Botox, I found many natural ways but it does take a little time and a lot of patience but it’s worth it in the long wrong.

Published on 05/26/17 Read Article
5 Must-Have Food for Your Flawless Skin

All women want to rock beautiful, healthy skin and body that will get men to look at them twice. The answer to that is a good lifestyle, consistent exercise and having healthy foods to eat.

Published on 05/26/17 Read Article
16 Tips for Your Flawless Skin

You don’t have to live at the spa, spend money on expensive products, or change everything about your beauty routine in order to have a glowing, healthy complexion. Here, we share the simple secrets to achieving perfect skin.

Published on 05/25/17 Read Article
6 Body Skin Care Tips

Your skin is your largest organ, and it's your first line of defense against disease and infection. Of course it's important to focus your anti-aging efforts on your face, but five minutes a day could make a huge difference for the rest of your body.

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Strange and Interesting Beauty Tips

We as women hear tons of weird DIY beauty tips that have been passed down from our mothers, girlfriends or even from the woman sitting next to us at the nail salon. But, hearing so much advice leaves us beauty enthusiasts of the world wondering: Do these wacky beauty tips actually work?

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Japanese Beauty Tips

The Japanese have always been known for their beautiful and healthy skin and hair. How did they manage to look so perfect and natural all the time? We may not have known of them earlier, but a few Japanese beauty secrets are now out in the open. For those of you who admire their looks, there are a few interesting Japanese beauty secrets that you can try out for yourself. These are easy to follow and the results are quite similar.

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Rainy Days Beauty Tips

There is nothing worse than having the perfect hair and makeup day, only to walk out the front door right into a rainstorm. While we can't control the weather, we can certainly keep our hair and makeup in tip-top shape, no matter what. Here are some hair and makeup tips that will have you singing' in the rain and looking great while you do it. 

Published on 05/24/17 Read Article
6 Reasons You Didn’t Know Cause Acne Breakout

Are you frustrated by acne and breakout? If so, you are not alone. You may be wondering what on earth could be causing these breakouts. You can’t truly stop breakouts if you don’t get to the root of the cause first. We’re sharing six things you didn’t know are causing you to break out to help you get clear skin. You will be surprised at what could be causing your recent breakouts.

Published on 05/24/17 Read Article
8 Good Habits For A Healthier Mental Life

We all have those bad habits that may make us feel better for a moment, only to feel awful the next. Kicking some of these bad habits will not only improve the body, but will also improve the mind. Of course, it’s tough to simply stop a bad habit or addiction, so let’s focus on eight positive habits that you can slowly introduce to your life. The overall transformation will be gradual, but you should start seeing positive results fairly quickly.  

Published on 05/24/17 Read Article