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Tranexamic Acid and alpha-Arbutin in melasma

The combination of Tranexamic Acid and alpha arbutin is supposed to be the perfect group for tackling the highly-appreciated post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and overall skin lightening condition.

Published on 05/01/21 Read Article
The important of toner in every skincare routine

Using toner is one of the important steps in the skin care process, not only helping to cleanse the skin, but also replenishing moisturizers and effectively regenerating the skin's surface.

Published on 04/09/21 Read Article
Pregnancy safe skin care

Here are the five most important things you should stay away from while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Published on 03/17/21 Read Article
Fresh Oyster Extract's Nutrition Facts

You have already known that oysters are delicious, but did you know that these bivalve mollusks are also incredibly nutritious? Here are a few great reasons to make oysters a part of our daily diet.

Published on 03/17/21 Read Article
The effect of Chicken Comb Extract

Cock and hen's red combs turn out to be one of the best sources for the hyaluronan molecule, a compound that some dermatologists are looking at as the next key ingredient after Botox.

Published on 02/24/21 Read Article
Hythiol-C - Japan Beauty Skin Care method

In Japan, Hythiol-C is quite popular and has been used for a long time, specializing in hyperpigmentation, darkening, brown spots and skin lightening. Whether Hythiol-C functions and replaces so famous ingredients like Hydroquinone, Tranexamic Acid or Arbutin?. Let's find out.

Published on 02/09/21 Read Article
Tranexamic Acid - skin lightening treatment

Tranexamic Acid - a promising lightening melasma ingredient, is the factor contributing to lighten spots, darker skin, and improving skin tone quickly.

Published on 01/28/21 Read Article
What is MASKNE?

Masks also trap moisture secreted by breathing and sweat, which can also increase the risk of masking pimples that called MASKNE

Published on 01/24/21 Read Article
Why stress can cause acne on skin?

Stress is considered to be one of the causes of acne and makes it worse. Is this really a correct statement or not?

Published on 12/24/20 Read Article
How to determine the 'Triangle of Death' of acne?

Did you know the area of the "dangerous triangle of the face" - where you absolutely shouldn't squeeze or try to get rid of acne in any way?

Published on 12/09/20 Read Article
How to protect skin while treating melasma

Skin in the process of melasma treatment is often sensitive and irritable. Following these tips for healthy glowing skin, a better protection and the best results!

Published on 11/24/20 Read Article
Why you should use a facial serum?

Many people often use lotion serums that can replace night or day creams. In reality, however, this is a completely flawed and scientific notion.

Published on 11/10/20 Read Article