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Sakura Blog & Skin Care Tips

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Does sun pill actually protect you from the sun?

Is it really possible to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays when it is only absorbed inside and cannot form a protective film directly on the skin?

Published on 09/27/20 Read Article
Becoming a master with the art of Double cleanse

Double-Cleansing is considered to be a very popular dual cleansing method by Japanese women, and is very fond of this method, which is capable of enhancing skin cleansing and maintaining natural, healthy glowing skin.

Published on 09/15/20 Read Article
6 amazing benefits you may not know about Collagen

Daily using Collagen is a way to help nourish your skin from deep inside, makes it bright, radiant, healthy, youthful over time.

Published on 09/03/20 Read Article