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Published 05/24/2017

So having acne just sucks...period. The main culprits of acne are usually hormones and genetics, however there are a few things that might be triggering acne and you don’t even know about it.

1. Touching Your Face Too Often

Subconsciously touching your face all day will dirty up your skin. Even when you wash your skin every night, remember to keep your hands from touching your face. Otherwise, it will increase the bacteria on your skin and causes a break out. Try to keep your hand busy and wash it often.

2. Got “Too Much” Milk?

Do you get those hard and painful under the skin acne that dawdle for weeks on your chin jaw line or neck?Those are called cystic breakouts and is caused by over consumption of dairy products in your everyday diet and your body need to get rid of things that your body is not agreeing with. It is naturally more difficult to digest diary when you have consumed too much of it and it form cystic blemishes.

3. Stressing

It’s not a surprise that stress can cause acne breakouts. In general, stress worsen skin condition overall because it causes the overproduction of cortisol that produces more oil and make skin extra oily. Try to get in 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to reduce stress.

4. Wash Your Skin Every Night

Due to exhaustion, I sometimes don’t wash my face at night but I discipline myself enough to follow my nighttime skin care routine. Sleeping with makeup or unwashed face can harbor bacteria with oil, dirt and/or debris and cause acne formation.

5. New Skin Care Products

It is normal to get an initial breakout when your skin is introduced to a new product. However, if it last longer than two weeks, it may not be for you.

6. Flying

Flying on an airplane dehydrates your skin due to the extremely low humidity. Dry air latch on to moisture from your skin and cause a buildup of dehydrated cells that can trap oil underneath the skin and form acne. I usually bring some facial moisturizer and use it throughout my flight. A sleeping mask is great too if it’s a long flight with dark sleeping time.

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