8 tips from dermatologists to help you have perfect, healthy, glowing skin.
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Published 08/10/2020

If you really crave healthy, glowing skin, don't miss the following 10 tips from dermatologists below.

1. Choose the right cleanser

Depending on your skin type, choose for yourself an appropriate mild cleanser. Especially facial cleansers should have an ideal pH between 4 and 6.

2. Use sunscreen every day

Even on sunny or cloudy days, using sunscreen is a good habit to help protect the skin to prevent darkening and premature aging. Especially don't forget to remove the sunscreen at the end of each day.

3. Moisturize both day and night

Moisturizing day and night will help ensure the skin is always soft, smooth, and reduce dry itchiness or flaking. Day moisturizers can have an SPF built in, but don't skip the step of using a separate sunscreen.

4. Do not touch your face with your hands

The habit of touching your face with your hands can spread the bacteria that cause acne, scarring, or other skin irritation. You should only touch your skin after you have cleaned and disinfected your hands. Avoid squeezing pimples at home as this can cause difficult-to-treat acne scars.

5. Hydrates the body and skin

Not only is it important to supply water with skin care products, you should focus on hydrating the whole body by drinking water regularly, supplementing enough water during the day, enhancing green vegetables and fruits.

6. Exfoliate 2 times a week

Exfoliation will help remove dry, dull and aging skin on the surface, make skin smooth and soft, pores open, the cream is easily absorbed and effective, as well as stimulate regeneration of a new, more perfect skin layer.

7. Maintain a scientific diet

In addition to using skin care products, there are also many benefits to a scientific diet. Reduce your consumption of sweets, sweets, greasy foods, increase green vegetables, fruits, and natural juices.

8. Beauty sleep is a real thing

In addition to sleeping 8 hours a day, make sure you go to bed on time and use silk pillows to reduce the pressure on the skin, causing the skin to form wrinkles and lines.