Double-Cleansing is considered to be a very popular dual cleansing method by Japanese women, and is very fond of this method, which is capable of enhancing skin cleansing and maintaining natural, healthy glowing skin.
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Published 09/15/2020

Double-Cleansing is considered a double cleaning method. Because the face area is frequently exposed to dust, pollution and many other factors including cosmetics, sunscreens, lubricants, sebum increases the possibility of skin contamination after a long day.

Whether you protect your skin carefully with a mask, a hat, or even sitting in a car, you cannot 100% guarantee that your skin is still clean after a day, especially when we live in a place where the environment is quite polluted because of waste from vehicles, hot weather. Since then, oil from the skin, dirt from the environment, chemicals from the cosmetics combine together, creep into the pores on the skin's surface, being retained and damaging the skin in the form of accumulation for a long time. long.


Therefore, Double Cleansing is discovered as a basic step to nourish a beautiful skin. Experts believe that impurities on the skin can be divided into 2 groups, 1 group of oily-derived impurities such as excess sebum and makeup, 1 type of impurities in water such as Old skin cells, dust, bacteria and sweat. A method of thorough cleaning of these two types of impurities is provided, consisting of 2 steps and commonly known as Double-Cleansing.

Step 1: Use a cleanser likes makeup remover oil to remove oil-based substances such as sebum due to overproduction and from the makeup on the skin. These cleansers are available in the form of cream, gel or milk, oil ... Choose the one you find most suitable for your skin, and you should remain loyal to the makeup remover oil because it is completely convinced by the mechanism. "like dissolves like" - similar substances dissolve easily.

Step 2: Use soap or cleanser to clean water-based substances such as old dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, sweat ...

For this Double Cleansing method to achieve the best results, the advice for you is:

For an oily makeup remover or skin cleanser, use a moderate amount on dry skin. If the cream can be used about 3g, oil used about 2-3ml, massage evenly for the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin. Next, gently massage to other skin areas such as nose wings, temples, skin near hair ... to remove all remaining oil-based impurities. For lips or eyes, if you have makeup, gently remove makeup thoroughly for both sensitive areas.

Even if you don't wear makeup, your skin tends to produce oily or excess oil production, so this cleansing step should still be applied.

Then rinse skin with warm water.

There are many soaps or cleansers to choose from. Some are creams, lotions, and others are solid or powdered soaps. For ideal cleaning results, never rub too hard. And especially, it is advisable to create a lather before applying directly to the skin. You also massage the same with makeup remover oil, thoroughly clean the corners of the nose and areas of the skin with narrow, inaccessible spaces. Remember to massage gently to avoid rubbing gifts vigorously, which may inadvertently stimulate the skin to produce a lot of oil or cause skin irritation.

Finally, wash your face with water carefully. Wash thoroughly with warm water to completely remove residue from the skin. Ideal water temperature is between 36-39 degrees. Water that is too hot will dry skin, lose moisture, while water that is too cold will quickly close pores that still have no sebum and cleanser foam inside. Be sure to wash your face thoroughly as an extra amount of cleanser can also cause acne.

Then use a soft, dry cotton towel, gently pat the skin, do not rub.