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Published 06/09/2015

1. Over Exfoliating can buff away too much of your top skin layer and remove the skin’s protective barrier so exfoliate only two to three times a week at max.

2. Sleeping with your makeup on can blogs pore and oil glands which make pores larger because it is impacted with makeup and built up residue.

3. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes more trauma to the skin due to the friction of cotton can cause permanent creases and complexion issues as our collagen breaks down. Switch to satin and silk pillowcases for less friction.

4. Forgetting to use sunscreen every day can cause skin damage and cancer so wear SPF 30 or higher with broad spectrum.

5. Using dirty makeup brushes will ensure dirt and old make up buildup that have negative effect on your skin.

6. Products in jars allow light and air exposure to your anti-aging products that contains antioxidants that will eventually become less effective. Thus, use tube-packaged products.

7. Lack of sleep can cause our bodies and skin to generate free radicals and less than optimum fuel can make skin dull and pale.

8. Talking on the phone put pressure on your face that traps oil and causes zits due to the built up bacteria on the surface of the phone.

9. Eating junk food with all that fat and oil can take a toll on your skin, causing acne break out.

10. Not exercising can be bad for your skin as for your health. Simply walking everyday will revitalize your skin and increase your overall health.

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By: Outerbox Outerbox 07/22/2014

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