Is it really possible to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays when it is only absorbed inside and cannot form a protective film directly on the skin?
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Published 09/27/2020

If you want to protect and maintain a healthy glowing skin, do not forget that summer has officially started. If you do not have the tips to protect skin safely, your skin is completely capable of darkening, premature aging.

In addition to using sunscreen daily, sunpill is also a pretty good suggestion for you. However, many people wonder whether sunpill can actually help protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays when only absorbed inside and unable to form a protective film directly on the skin. 

If you are wondering about this, before deciding to buy a sunpill this summer, read through this article!

Is sunpill really effective or not?

When launching sunpill products, the manufacturer brings the hope that it can both help prevent oxidation and anti-aging from within the body caused by exposure to the sun, helping maintain youthful skin while protecting skin more effectively. Sunpill also carry the belief that can help reduce the amount of sunscreen you must use every day, bringing convenience and comfort to people who work outdoors, for women when making daily makeup ...

If you want to choose an effective sunpill, choose a product that contains one of the following ingredients:

Option # 1: Sunpills or sunscreen with pomegranate extract (Pomegranate) that is effective when taken by oral and stable when applied on the skin.

Pomegranates have been studied and proposed for their ability to resist UV-induced skin damage (both UVA and UVB have been studied separately) in human keratinocytes.

Pomegranate extract also helps prevent high blood pressure. A xcontrolled placebo-controlled study in 2006 showed that an amount of Ellagic Acid 100-400mg / day in pomegranates could help inhibit the slight increase in pigmentation in the body caused by UV rays. 

The results of biochemical studies show that the whitening effect of pomegranate is the inhibitor of the proliferation of white blood cells and the synthesis of melanin by tyrosinase in white blood cells.

Option # 2: Vitamins C and E - perfect for topical use, effective when used by oral

Vitamins C and E can help strengthen skin protection quite well. Carotenoids like beta-carotene and lycopene, ingredients that make color for vegetables and fruits, have been shown to brighten skin and enhance its natural protection from UV rays.

Vitamins C and E are effective by reducing the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet exposure, so that the skin is less inflamed, which partly prevents the risk of darkening skin because these are two anti-inflammatory ingredients. Free radicals and oxidants are highly valued, resulting in less damage caused by UV rays, less brown spots and pigmentation.

Option # 3: polypodium leucotomos - ideal as an oral tablet

Clinical studies show that c - fern extract also protects the skin against ultraviolet rays that damage the skin, while reducing the damage caused by UVA tentacles, preventing acute sunburn. Calculates and prevents the decline of Landerhans (white blood cells in the immune system that play a role in protecting the body against viruses, bacteria and other invading factors) when the skin is exposed to UV rays.

In general, the current sunpills that exploit ingredients such as fern extract, vitamin C, E, and pomegranate extract can all help protect skin cells from damage from inside the body when exposed. UV rays. However, to bring the best skin protection effect, absolutely you should not ignore the step of sunscreen and protective clothing! And Sakura Sunpill sunscreen is the ideal combination of sunscreen ingredients including vitamins C, D, polypodium leucotomos ... is the ideal choice to help protect the skin from damaging UV rays. best, especially when combined with our Sakura Physical Daily Defense SPF50 + PA ++++.