Did you know the area of the "dangerous triangle of the face" - where you absolutely shouldn't squeeze or try to get rid of acne in any way?
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Published 12/09/2020

Do you know where your face's "dangerous triangle" is? It is the area on the face at the corners of the mouth to between the eyebrows, on the right edge of the central triangle area, below the surface of the skin is the cavernous sinus, containe the essential nerves and gill vessels that bring blood returns to the brain. If the facial skin in this area becomes infected, it is most likely spread and seeps through the blood vessels, in the worst case, leading to cavernous sinus thrombosis (blood clot formation), stroke or death.

According to Sandra Lee, a dermatologist based in Los Angeles "If you've ever had an acne infection in this dangerous triangular area, it's very likely that spread to the cavernous sinus. cause blindness or stroke" says Pimple Popper.

But in reality, it is not easy to lead to such unintended risks, according to dermatologist Rebecca Kazin in Washington, D.C. This ability is extremely rare and has almost never been seen in practice.

So what information do we want to talk about? It is a reminder to anyone about identifying the death triangle of your face to avoid unnecessary infection, or at least you will be softer when doing anything. Any intentional or accidental actions in this area or most simply skin care in this area will have to be cleaned.

Especially when acne appears in this very sensitive area, do not "treat" acne in the traditional way: squeeze pimples. Because it will not necessarily help you get rid of it, but it can have very serious consequences. The advice for you is to aim for the acne treatment formula to remove or in case you have to deal with acne, you need to clean all the tools as well as make sure it is safe for this area. No infections.