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Published 05/30/2017

What Causes Dark Spots?

Sun exposure causes hyperpigmentation, called sun spots, by exposure to harmful UV rays. These dark spots can appear or worsen without proper protection so being diligent with SPF or not being under direct sunlight is imperative. When the skin is exposed to UV rays, harmful proteins in the skin are overproducing that stimulate more melanin production. Melanin produces the color of your skin. With the increase in unnecessary melanin, this forms uneven cloud beneath your skin and dulling your complexion that eventually causes dark spots.

An increase in estrogen levels, usually from pregnancy and birth control, can cause cloudy looking imperfections known as Melasma. An imbalance of hormones makes it more prone to Melasma, especially more active with sun exposure.

Acne breakout will leave scars because pimples stresses the skin that trigger melanin production.

There are many other causes of dark spots on the skin, such as aging and free radical, which can be hard to pinpoint and prevent.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

Identifying the causes for your dark spots is important to prevent them but treating discoloration skin is all the same. Sakura Beauty Solution brightening skincare line will blur away dark spots and even out the skin.

Step 1: Eliminate Existing Dark Spots

Blur dark spots with Spots Care & Whitening Night Cream. The night cream is formulated with Tranexamic Acid to block melanin growth, brighten the appearance of dark skin, soothe sensitive skin with its anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Initial improvement is often seen in 4-6 weeks with maximum results after 5-6 months of regular use. Individual results may vary depending on your skin type, skin condition, depth of pigmentation, and the amount of sun exposure you receive on a daily basis.

Step 2: Inhibit Formation of New Dark Spots

Fight dull complexion and blemishes with Spots Care & Whitening Day Cream. This brightening day cream is formulated with dark spots eliminating ingredients and SPF to protect skin against sun exposure.  

In most individuals, hyperpigmentation is epidermal and the results will generally be permanent. Some users with deeper rooted hyperpigmentation may find it necessary to use small periodic applications from time to time to maintain the effects of the product. Sun exposure should be limited to maintain results. Spots Care & Whitening Day Cream will protect your skin all day long with SPF 50.

Step 3: Keep Skin Healthy and Flawless

To maintain healthy, radiant skin, introduce HCL White Blossom oral supplement to your everyday routine. Two tablets in the morning and two tablets before 5PM will regulate the imbalance in hormones that causes dark spots formation. Overall it is formulated with strong antioxidants, Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin E, to repair damaged DNA caused by UV rays, prevent clogged pores formation and detoxify skin for youthful and bright skin.

Studies have indicated that the active ingredients work to lighten dark blemishes by inhibiting the production of melanin and reducing the concentration of pigmentation in the skin, creating a lighter more even skin tone. Although this can vary based on how well your body utilizes the supplement, positive results are possible within 30 - 60 days.

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