In Japan, Hythiol-C is quite popular and has been used for a long time, specializing in hyperpigmentation, darkening, brown spots and skin lightening. Whether Hythiol-C functions and replaces so famous ingredients like Hydroquinone, Tranexamic Acid or Arbutin?. Let's find out.
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Published 02/09/2021


Hythiol-C is actually a combination of three special ingredients, including vitamin C, vitamin B5 and the natural amino acid Cysteine. In Japan, Hythiol-C has been in use for more than 30 years and is also gradually popular in North America.


Because of the unique combination above, in general, Hythiol-C is considered to have the main ability to fade brown spots on the skin surface and effectively nourish the skin from the inside while regenerating a healthy, naturally glowing skin. .

Our skin has many layers, in which the top layer is called the epidermis layer, made up of many different epidermal cells. These cells form from the innermost layer (the epidermis layer of 5 layers), then move out gradually to the stellar skin surface for a certain time. In this outer layer, skin cells begin to experience many environmental impacts, becoming dry, dull, aging, dying and forming keratinocytes on the surface of the skin. This stratum corneum after a while will peel off new skin cells to form or need to apply many measures that we often call exfoliation to be removed quickly.

Skin color is usually caused by the pigment melanin found in the epidermal cells. Melanin is produced from special cells called melanocytes at the base of the epidermis, which create a variety of skin colors depending on the amount of natural melanin produced. Even though melanin is produced every hour, every day, our skin color usually does not change much because dead skin cells when taken out are always accompanied by an amount of melanin. Most skin only changes color in the direction of darkening when exposed to the sun, causing a sudden increase in melanin.

The skin's exposure to the sun for a long time or hormonal changes causes the amount of melanin to increase unevenly, thereby forming brown spots on the surface of the skin or dark areas of skin that we normally do, called freckles, age spots. This phenomenon can also be caused by many other causes such as inflammation, damage, acne, the influence of medications, radiation therapy ..., the effects of some types of cancer. , sick ...


Once in the body, the natural amino acids L-cysteine present in the Hythiol compound will begin to interfere with melanin production, causing effects that inhibit excessive melanin formation. The vitamin C present in this compound also contributes largely to inhibiting the production of melanin in excessively high amounts while shackle powerful antioxidants and protects skin cells from harmful free radicals.

3 ingredients in Hythiol-C t(L-cysteine, Vitamin C, vitamin B5) are also factors that help stimulate the skin's cell metabolism to work better, so that aging skin cells, especially skin cells with a high amount of pigmentation will quickly be transferred to the surface and eliminated along with a large amount of melanin, thereby gradually improving skin tone and dull skin.

In addition to the ability to fade brown spots, Hythiol-C compounds also help improve the skin in many different directions, such as stimulating collagen production, replacing damaged collagen because the skin is exposed to the sun, thereby helping the skin firmer, more elastic and smoother, it also means helping to rejuvenate the skin, slow aging, improve wrinkles and sagging skin as age increases.

When using products containing Hythiol-C, you can feel your body and skin, thereby making it healthier. Explaining this, researchers believe that thanks to L-cysteine ​​in the Hythiol-C compound when entering the body, it stimulates the activity of the liver, increases the ability to eliminate toxins as well as heavy metals. condensation in the body.

Despite its high results, this compound completely helps to improve the skin according to the very natural mechanisms inside the body, so to see the effectiveness when using Hythiol-C you also need to have. Be patient, do not rush because 1 clinical trial in Japan in women aged 20-30 showed that when taking Hythiol will give results after only 1 month and after 2 months can see obvious improvements pronounced skin appearance.

To use Hythiol-C more effectively, in addition to taking the correct dosage, don't forget to combine skin protection with a suitable sunscreen product and protective clothing whenever you go out.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pill to improve skin pigmentation from the inside, products containing L-cyeteine, Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid, Glutathione ... and especially Hythiol-C will always are the perfect choices.

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