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Published 05/24/2017

The Japanese is full of culture from their lifestyle to their food. Japanese’s concept of beauty is very subtle. They want to appreciated over being noticed. Thus, they are not known to cake on makeup or wear to flashy attire. They are meticulous in regular grooming and always looking presentable. The women eat right and keep in shaped. They practice in depth of patience, gracefulness, manner and etiquettes. Here are a few tips to live like a Japanese for a healthier, more balance:

1. Healthy Food

They don’t eat fatty and sugary foods or much of meat. They mainly consume vegetables packed with vitamin like broccoli and tons of omega 3 fatty acids rich fish. It overall reduces inflammation and aging.

2. Green Tea

The Japanese people absolute love their green tea. It is clinically proven to be abundant in antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Besides from drinking it, they also applied a concentration of green tea to treat acne. The people of Japan prize their potent green tea drink called Matcha. One cup of Matcha contains the same level of antioxidant as TEN cups of green tea. So eat more green tea in your everyday meals. Bake it in caked, blended it in your milkshakes or anything, really.

3. Rice Water

Geisha or traditional Japanese female entertainers were known for soften and perfect complexion. Their secret is rice water. They bathed in the water left over from rinsing uncooked rice that is packed with antioxidant to protect skin from UV damage, nourishes skin and prevent wrinkles.

4. Camellia Oil

Geisha are known to remove makeup and cleanse their skin with Camellia Oil to help fight signs of aging and restore moisture.

5. Sun Visor

Japanese women protect their skin with SPF 50+ and a sun visor or hats to stay out direct sunlight and reduce their exposure to the harmful UV rays, which is the number one cause of premature ageing.

6. Cleanser, Cleanser, Cleanser

Japanese people believe in a good cleanser is better than any serum or creams because without properly cleansing your skin, nothing’s going to be as effective afterward. Always cleanse in the morning and at the night, even if you didn’t wear makeup. Remember if you do wear makeup, use a makeup remover first then follow it by a nourishing cleanser afterward.

7. Azuki Beans Exfoliation

Azuki beans is widely used in Japan to buff away dead skin for a regular exfoliation. Leaving smooth skin and no barrier between the skin and the moisturizers you use afterward.

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