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By Ruby Ho, Published 04/26/2017

Sakura Beauty Solution's Balancing Toner Poresolution retails at $47.00 for 6.7 FL OZ.

Balancing Toner Poresolution brighten and gently exfoliating skin that is formulated with 98% botanical extracts. This soft alcohol-free formula refines the appearance of pores, giving a smoother and more even appearance to your complexion. It is an essential step in any healthy skincare regimen. It is as crucial as cleansing, as it restores the skin’s natural pH balance.

Balancing Toner Poresolution comes in a beautiful white bottle that is made with a sturdy plastic material which is almost impossible to squeeze, makes it very safe and spill-free for travel.

Balancing Toner Poresolution is made with Rosa Damacena Flower Water (Rose Hip) and Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract(Cherry Blossom) for deeply moisturizing skin in a watery formula that has no added fragrance. The consistency is like water and crystal clear. It has extremely subtle smell and the product does not linger and disappears very quickly. Making skin feel fresh and clean, without the use of aggressive cleaners, but still hydrating. This formula is favorable to dry, dehydrated complexions because it allow the skin to be more receptive to absorbing the products that come after. Thus, it'll allow you to get the most out of your serums and moisturizers.

Avoid alcohol, fragrance and harsh exfoliating ingredients by toning your skin with Balancing Toner Poresolution. It is overall beneficial for all skin type, especially sensitive and irritable skin. It help counteract the irritation that can occur after washing your face with water. It is all thing soothing, nourishing and balancing to keep sensitive complexion content.

It is infused with the same ingredients that you look for in the rest of your skin care regime: vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and gentle exfoliants. It provides an extra layer of defense in between your cleanser and moisturizers.

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