Have you ever thought that you can nourish your skin with just sweet jelly pieces like candy bars? Sakura Premium Collagen Jelly is not only a trend but also an ideal solution to help you nurture smooth, youthful skin in a more interesting way.
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By SAKURA BEAUTY TEAM, Published 08/01/2020

Before, Collagen drinks, pills and powder were the ways in which collagen supplements could be approached, we think why not turn collagen into a more nutritious food that can creates an interesting way for customer to enjoy Collagen while ensure adequate replenishment of nutrients for the body, healthy skin from within. That's when Sakura Premium Collagen Jelly was launched.

In this collagen jelly, we use mainly collagen peptide 1000mg extracted from Japanese deep sea Madara and placenta SPF with 50 times in content, more suitable for Asians' absorption, helps to bring fresh, smooth, youthful skin effectively.

Our researches show that Collagen extracted from Japanese deep sea Madara is sustainable type I collagen, capable of helping to improve skin moisture and prevent aging. More than 90% of collagen peptides in Sakura Premium Collagen jelly can be absorbed quickly at a higher rate in the body.

Collagen peptides have about 10-20 times higher amounts of amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline than conventional proteins, can help to slow down the formation of wrinkles and dullness on the skin.

We combined Collagen with Placenta SPF (Smell Reduced Placenta Extract) - a placenta extracted from pigs raised in a closed process, which is the only placenta approved by the Ministry of Health of Japan for using in food.

This Placenta SPF is 50 times more concentrated than regular placenta. The pigs raised under the SPF standard account for only 8% of the total number of Japanese pigs, the application of modern technology helps keep the nutritional quality without destroying the active ingredients during manufacturing.

We use additional Japanese peach juice extract (7500 mg) without sugar, help users not gain weight and can use for people with diabetes, dieters.

If you are too busy, do not worry because just a single Sakura Premium Collagen Jelly daily can help you add up to 1,000 mg of Collagen peptide, placental extract and other nutrients such as Hyaluronic Acids help enhance the improvement of elastin texture, stimulate proliferation, restore damaged collagen, nourish younger skin more effectively.

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