Using toner is one of the important steps in the skin care process, not only helping to cleanse the skin, but also replenishing moisturizers and effectively regenerating the skin's surface.
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Published 04/09/2021


Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of using toner? Is it necessary to include toner as a step in daily skincare routine? In fact, a lot of women skip this step because they feel unnecessary and ineffective for the skin, and other steps such as using serum or cream make you believe that they're enough to nourish healthy and bright skin. However, if you know exactly what benefits a rose water product brings, you will surely be more surprised.

To see how toners affect the skin, especially when possessing a formula with many useful ingredients that can help nourish the skin's surface right after washing the face as well as regenerate and revitalize the skin, let's read our article below.

Do you need a toner?


In the past, toner products were often quite poor in ingredients, the formula was not good and did not bring real skin care effects, which is why many people thought toner was unuseful.

But as the cosmetic industry grows, toner products have also changed, distinctly different from products that existed before. However, there are also some types of toner that you should avoid using. Try to recognize these products with us for the perfect choice for the skin!

Toner ingredients should not be used

Toners containing alcohol, menthol and astringents (astringents, shrink pores) such as witch hazel (witch hazel extract) are believed to be limited in use. These ingredients have the potential to exacerbate the current skin condition and can deplete the nutrients that are essential for nourishing healthy skin. Skin can only regenerate by using the correct toner or any other moisturizer that does not contain ingredients that irritate the skin.


Particularly in the case of c, although there are many useful skin care such as: anti-inflammatory, astringent, heal damaged skin and antibacterial, vasoconstrictor, effective natural acne treatment ... but for those with sensitive or extremely sensitive skin, when using products containing witch hazel ingredients should test on a small area of ​​skin in 24 hours in order to limit the risk of skin irritation caused by this ingredient has a quite characteristic scent and most scent ingredients have potential for unpredictable skin sensitization.

In addition, toner products with natural aromatherapy like rose water, citrus fruit or essential oils often have the ability to give the skin a greater ability to irritate as well as cause more skin irritation, many negative effects on the skin.

These products are generally classified as alcohol-based toners and Glycerin-based toners. Alcohol-based toners are also thought to inadvertently cause free radicals to produce more, slow down the skin's ability to self-regenerate as well as reduce collagen production efficiency, skin deteriorates and its elasticity and firmness. Particularly, the Glycerin-based toner is a toner that contains artificial extracts and ingredients such as roses, oranges, lemons mentioned above, which are often labeled as Clarifier or Freshener.

The use of toner


In addition to limiting the ingredients identified above, a perfect toner product should focus highly on those ingredients that provide significant benefits to the skin. After cleansing, even if you have just used a mild cleanser, your skin still needs to be replenished with natural substances available on the skin that the cleanser has more or less removed. That's when toner products should joint in.

An ideal toner that quickly and effectively replenishes a large amount of antioxidants, emollients and moisturizers. A toner product that can help regenerate the skin's surface, giving the skin a fresh, smooth and soft appearance, with just enough moisture. Toner can also help to completely remove the remaining makeup layer on the skin, the amount of cosmetics that the cleanser cannot completely remove.

The ingredients that should be favorably put into use in toners include Glycerin, fatty acids, Niacinamide and Ceramides. These ingredients moisturize, moisturize and form a more effective protective film, strengthen the skin's resistance, help reduce the impact of the environment and harmful bacteria, and soothe the skin. This group of toners are called water-based toners and are highly recommended.


Once you choose an ideal toner product with the perfect formula, you can completely feel the skin's change, not only increasing skin cleansing, but also helping to balance and balance the skin's changes. Returns the skin to the ideal pH level as well as maintains the skin protective film effectively, making the skin soft, smooth, youthful and naturally radiant.

Some of today's acne toners also contain exfoliating ingredients like fruit acid extracts or Glycolic Acid. Toners for sensitive skin may contain thermal spring water.

Choosing the right toner for each skin type (oily, combination, dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin with large pores ...) also helps solve many different skin problems. So, don't forget to use toner in your at-home skincare routines!

A little note to help you use toner more effectively is to use it 60 seconds after washing your face, before using products like serums and treatments. Excessive toner use can also cause increased oil secretion in the skin, a natural mechanism when the skin is stripped of its surface balance. So only use toner twice a day in the morning and at night, especially if you have oily skin types or natural oils.

If you have dry skin, only use toner at night, so pores can still be completely removed from dirt, excess sebum still ensures skin about 8 hours during your time. sleep to recreate at night.