The combination of Tranexamic Acid and alpha arbutin is supposed to be the perfect group for tackling the highly-appreciated post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and overall skin lightening condition.
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Published 05/01/2021

Tranexamic Acid & alpha-Arbutin

There are many combination of ingredients that will help you achieve results that will lighten skin or fade dark spots. However, what components combine together is a very important factor. Today, we'll highly recommend you a combination formula that combines Tranexamic Acid with typical ingredients such as Azelaic Acid, L-Ascoebic Acid and alpha-Arbutin. In which, the combination with Arbutin is chosen by many brands for its ability to fade brown spots, improve skin problems related to hyperpigmentation very effectively. Let's analyze!

Tranexamic Acid & alpha-Arbutin

Improve the hyperpigmentation phenomenon with Tranexamic Acid + Alpha Arbutin

The combination of Tranexamic Acid and alpha arbutin, this is the perfect group for tackling the highly-appreciated post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, hyperpigmentation and overall skin lightening condition. Tranexamic Acid is not an exfoliating acid as is commonly thought, but in fact has more uses than a skin lightener, acting as a tyrosinase inhibitor and a plasmin inhibitor.

Topical creams combining Tranexamic Acid with kojic acid are also suggested to help deal with uneven skin discoloration and discoloration by chelating the copper ions needed for tyrosinase to function. And like Tranexamic Acid, alpha arbutin is a tyrosinase inhibitor and also slows the maturation of melanosomes (organelles that synthesize and store melanin or pigment). Alpha arbutin also solves glycation, a grainy skin condition caused by glycation, and loss of elasticity. If people see products containing Tranexamic Acid in combination with alpha arbutin, you should definitely hold them and consult them immediately because these combination products will help prevent melanin formation, fading. The most stubborn discoloration caused by inflammation, acne, environmental factors, melasma and UV exposure are very stable.

A lot of research has been done on another combination of Tranexamic Acid + Alpha Arbutin and a third ingredient. This third ingredient is usually a moisturizing ingredient such as Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene or Niacinamide, but basically Tranexamic Acid + Alpha Arbutin is still the original to help improve hyperpigmentation in the skin.

A recent trial compared the results of using a combination cream of Tranexamic Acid 3% (galactomyces 2%, niacinamide 4% and alpha arbutin 2%) with results using creams containing Hydroquinone 4. % (which is the golden ingredient in the treatment of melasma) in 30 people for 4 weeks and monitor the results every week showed that


With the serum combination of 3% Tranexamic Acid for improved skin has an average skin luminance of 56.81, while the 4% hydroquinone application area an average skin luminosity is 55.66. During the last control of the area where a serum combination of 3% Tranexamic Acid was applied with an average skin brightness of 58.34 and the area applied with a serum hydroquinone 4% had an average skin brightness of 57, 48. There was a significant increase in skin brightness both in the area applied with the Tranexamic Acid 3% serum combination (p <0.05) and in the 4% hydroquinone application area (p <0, 01).

The degree of reduction in brown spots when combined with serum Tranexamic Acid 3% was higher than that of serum hydroquinone, ie 0.314 vs. 0.221.

Conclusion: The serum combination of Tranexamic Acid 3% and alpha arbutin 2% can be considered a safe and effective option for increasing skin brightness without the significant side effects, as effective as hydroquinone in promoting the process of hypopigmentation. And this conclusion is also consistent with the results and reports about Tranexamic Acid's ability to treat skin pigmentation through the reduction of pigmentation of Tranexamic Acid in topical form without causing side effects.

Another study also showed that applying 2% alpha-arbutin for one month was effective in skin lightening.