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Sakura Beauty Solution® is a Japanese skin care line that manufactures products in Japan, United States, South Korea, and Taiwan. Promising to provide beauty solutions for healthy, flawless skin that encourage confidence, healthy, and beautiful life. Sakura Beauty Solution® is a leader in formulating basic beauty products to extraordinary solutions with natural ingredients derived from cherry blossom flowers, Sakura. The heart of Sakura Beauty Solution® is comprised of ten passionate scientists, doctors, and professors from well-known universities in Japan with more than thirty years of experience in the skin and health care industry. Sakura Beauty Solution® products are declared safe and risk-free by United States’ Food Drug Administration, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Wealth, Korea Food Drug Administration, and Taiwan’s Cosmetic Industry Association.


Sakura Beauty Solution® began in 2009 with the promise of providing customers with a unique experience through health and beauty products. Sakura Beauty Solution® is a company taking a broader perspective in cosmetic and service while always considering different aspects cultures and lifestyles to create new value. Here we go on an adventure with Sakura Beauty Solution® to witness discovery and achievement in the skin care and cosmetic field.

Sakura Beauty Solution® is always on the search and utilizing newest technology for skin revitalization, blemish-free, and acne control. We stress the importance of product safety and security. Sakura Beauty Solution® accrue safety intelligence by analyzing and testing raw material using the artificial skin and cells. Sakura Beauty Solution® began exploring skincare research 8 years ago and continues today. Research focusing on anti-aging, dark spots treatment, acne control and overall health of the skin.

Sakura Beauty Solution® has more than 40 products that improve function, fashion, allure and continue to present our original worldviews while enhancing our customer lifestyle and preference. Sakura Beauty Solution® acknowledge and honor the love and support of our customers across the globe.

Sakura Beauty Solution® sole purpose is to service women’s health and beauty. Sakura Beauty Solution® has painstakingly studied the land, climate, culture, custom, and skin of women across Asia to develop cosmetic products that are exclusively for them. The confidence and faith in this brand from women, over the years, across the globe, continue to inspire Sakura Beauty Solution® growth.

Join Sakura Beauty Solution® on this journey of a lifetime.