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Brightening Skin Collection

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This Spots Care Brightening Cream and Concentrated Brightening Serum maintains your bright skin, enhances skin tone and prevents melisma with advance formula.

Spots Care Brightening Cream  | Japan
The rich, lightening cream from Tranexamic acid prevents tyrosine, which causes melasma, spots, and freckles on the face. Simultaneously slow down the aging process, restore sun-damaged skin from the rare herbal extracts and Ceramide 3 to help control melanin formation.

Concentrated Brightening Serum | Japan
Serum maintains bright white skin, enhances skin tone and prevents melasma with the advanced formula that penetrates deep into the skin to maximize the effect while increasing radiance, youthfulness, minimize the signs of aging

Take an appropriate amount on hand, please apply to the place to be worried about.

  • Country of Origin : Japan
  • Skin Type : Hyperpigmented
  • Benefits : Brightening
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