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Restorative Collection

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The kit Restorative Collection formula Complex unique includes more than 10 components of nutrients natural extracts safe, benign deep impact on the skin cells, improves biological structure of skin, nourish skin Bright, firm, clear the signs of aging on the surface.

It is an intensive skin care solution that helps restore damaged, thin, sensitive skin, especially suitable for skin that needs regeneration after the use of dermatological diseases (melasma, acne, skin damage to America products unknown origin, ..) support the improvement of the biological structure of the skin, slow the aging process, nourish the skin bright, radiant, young life full of vitality.

The kit is designed for safe use on all skin types, no artificial scent or artificial coloring.


Also, the anti-free radical scent protects the skin from the effects of external aggression, anti-depressant effects,


FREE SAMPLES: 3D Whitening Collagen Mask.



Restorative Day Cream | JAPAN
A multi-purpose moisturizer that helps protect the skin from sun damage and environmental damage, restores and prevents damaged skin, premature aging. Formulated with intensive moisturizing, firmness, elasticity for firmer, younger looking skin, while helping to combat the main causes of skin aging.

Restorative Night Cream | JAPAN
Highly nourishing products help promote new skin cell regeneration, improve dry skin cracking, restore skin's natural protective function, significantly reduce skin lesions after laser peeling, use the cream or use cosmetics of unknown origin.
Formulated with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Placenta, this micro-molecule helps stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity, and reverse the signs of aging.
Along with the active ingredients of benign and healthy skin tone to nourish the skin bright and healthy from the inside.

Super Restorative Serum | JAPAN
A powerful anti-aging, anti-aging, healing herbal ingredient that revitalizes dry, damaged, thinning, sensitive, undigested skin.
Formulated with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Placenta, this ultra-compact formula boosts the elasticity and firmness of the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and promoting cellular binding.
Micro-molecule components help deepen the dermis, moisturize deeply while improving skin's biological structure, energizing the skin, enhancing the tone of the skin, resulting in toned results. The skin is youthful, healthy and radiant.

Use daily in the morning and evening following these steps:

- In the morning: After cleansing, apply Super Restorative Serum, then apply a layer of fine conditioner then apply Restorative Day Cream and add a layer of sunscreen or make-up while out.

- In the evening: After cleansing skin with Super Restorative Serum, the entire nutrient layer then apply Restorative Night Cream to overnight.

  • Country of Origin : Japan
  • Skin Type : Damages, Aging, Dry
  • Benefits : Anti-Aging, Nourishing
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