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Sensitive Skin Collection

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This cleanser and moisturizer duo is safe on sensitive and easily irritable skin. Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Foam will cleanse sensitive skin throughly but gently while Botanical Sensitive Cream nourish weak and irritable skin to health. 


DIRECTIONS: Cleanse skin with Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Foam then moisturize with Botanical Sensitive Cream. For best results, use after waking up in the morning and before bed, every day. 



Botanical Sensitive Cream | JAPAN

This specialize treatment for sensitive and irritable skin is made with all natural herbal extracts to calm skin, relieve irritation, reduce inflammation and nourishes skin smooth and soft. Green Tea extract help prevent signs of aging while repairing damaged skin. Chamomile extract reduces redness and protect skin against harmful environmental factor. This sensitive cream deeply moisturizes and pack full of Vitamins C & E to help fight free radical formation and increase collagen production to repair weak and thin skin. Sakura Botanical Sensitive Cream is risk-free, safe and effective solution for sensitive skin.



This gentle cleanser is comprised of all natural herbs and advanced skin care technology that helps soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, comfort irritation and foster healthy glowing skin, with every wash. It cleanses dirt, oils and impurities deep into pores while calming sensitive skin. It also softens and deeply moisturize to protect skin from dehydration for smoother and brighter skin. This cleanser is ideal for sensitive and easily irritated skin because it reduce redness, burning and discomfort. It is doctor and dermatologist tested to cleanse deep and tightening pores while increases collagen levels and fight signs of aging with Green Tea extract.

  • Benefits : Nourishing
  • Skin Type : Sensitive
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